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Global Energy Internet

Working Together to Enable Universal Basic Energy


Global Energy Internet realised and transition from energy poverty to energy harmony


Channel the time, energy and talents of both established industry, startups and communities into solving the global energy challenges and filling unmet needs

Who We Are

Future Energy Foundation is a knowledge-based foundation with a venture philanthropy development vision. We are advising corporations on social awareness, climate impact and the transition to optimal Green Energy performance.

With a female executive team and focus on the future, we believe that proactivity and prevention will enable our future generations, through education and sharing knowledge, growing understanding around energy issues, encouraging cooperation and participation on the future energy scenario.

With experience and knowledge, we want our work to be the catalyst for development of emerging markets, sustainability, STEM education, empowerment of women and youth.

We want to work with organisations who make the planet their investment priority, to ultimately tackle key challenges — energy poverty and climate change.


Rosella Migliavacca van Schaik,
Executive Chairwoman
Energy is now, more than ever, the strategic intersection and first engine of all development directions: effective action for the climate change challenge can’t be delayed anymore.
Our path to energy transition means zero carbon economy, access for all to clean energy and the disruptive innovation of energy internet, to globally wire the planet. We are on this journey.
Venture Philanthropy is our compass to achieve — together with partners, volunteers, young generation, researchers and women — the "future energy” we are named after.


Rory O'Neill,
Co-Founder & Chairman
The energy internet as a concept is in its infancy, but we see the potential of what it could be and what the future of energy looks like. Innovation, participation and sustainability are all core parts of building the energy internet.
The Foundation should be a platform to promote new technologies, to introduce the youth and women in particular to STEM initiatives and technologies, to ensure that we are educating the new generation to build the next Facebooks, Googles and Instagrams for the energy sector, and to bring real innovation.

Why Future Energy Foundation

The Future Energy Foundation started with a vision based upon a concept of Universal Basic Energy for humanity.

We believe it can be achieved by

    • Promoting the development of the energy internet ecosystem by bringing disruptive innovation through inventors, academia and industry working together, creating a path to impact at scale;

      Using a bottom-up approach, starting with the world’s poorest citizens, empowering disadvantaged people to accelerate economic progress in their communities;

      Aiding early stage innovative companies, who face immense challenges to raise capital to fuel their growth and to bring their technology from a lab to market;

      Deployment and commercialisation of core infrastructure for building the energy internet;

      Breaking down regulatory barriers to deploying existing, cost-competitive technology;

      Providing the kind of networking, peer-to-peer learning, connections, training, role models and opportunities that are needed to help reshape the future of energy.

Our Objectives


  Advise corporations on social awareness, climate impact and the transition to optimal Green Energy performance

Provide empowerment for women and the youth, create pathways for careers in energy

Provide educational tools to grow understanding around energy issues, encourage cooperation and expand individual/collective participation on the creation of future energy scenario

Our Objectives


  Invest in the progress of the Global Energy Internet through innovative energy solutions and applications, particularly in energy poverty regions

Invest in enabling infrastructure, deployment and commercialisation of technology

Invest in early stage innovative companies facing challenges to raise capital for their growth

Invest in projects that exploit natural resources in remote areas

Our Activities

Support of the industry and promotion of key sectors is imperative for delivering the Global Energy Internet in the territory of new energy and climate change.

Innovative Energy Applications

Support and promote implementation of projects that advance the Global Energy Internet and energy internet network that efficiently supplies electricity to anyone anywhere.

Development Regions:
Core Energy Infrastructures Deployments

Support and promote investment in core energy infrastructure where it can make the biggest impact, i.e. in developing regions, enabling the use of local natural resources, promoting micro-financing activities and enabling continent-wide access to energy.

Women Empowerment in Energy Industry

Decrease gender imbalance in the energy industry to accelerate energy transition. Empower and support women in their career change to enter the male-dominated energy industry, through education, executive leadership and coaching.

Energy New Generation

The planet is our investment priority to make a change for generations to come. We dedicate the time and resources to creating educational tools to support the next generation of leaders.


Line your specific expertise with Future Energy Foundation’s mission.


Support activities with individual “membership fee”.


Donate your free time to support all the activities.


Support activities with financial resources and/or implementation.


Rosella Migliavacca van Schaik

Executive Chairwoman

Rosella held the roles of Head of Innovation and R&D at Eni SpA Ext Comms dept; Eni's delegate for OGCI, IPIECA and TSFD Climate Change Task forces; Contract Professor and Member of Scientific Committee at the University of Padua, Physic faculty, MBA; Communications Director at Yahoo!; Marketing and Comms at Saes Getter Group; General Manager at SBE Silvio Berlusconi Editore — Mondadori Group, and Communications Director of Mediaset Group-Publitalia 80. For the past 2 years Rosella has been involved with the energy infrastructure companies Electrina and Europagrid in a Strategy & Innovation role.

Britta Battogtokh


Britta has dedicated most of her professional career to advocating for clean energy, solar in particular, encouraged by her background of growing up in a Mongolian village without electricity. As a former Miss Mongolia she has been an influencer for the past decade, allowing her to travel extensively and work as a contact and communication facilitator between companies and government officials to advance the adoption of clean energies. She is passionate in particular about projects that alleviate high levels of pollutions. In 2018 Britta won a Solar Visionary award and was nominated as Woman in Renewables of the Year in Shanghai.

Bara Greplova


Bara has had 3+ years of experience in strategic film and TV (Development, Production, Post-Production), project/event coordination, and public relations alongside other client engagement indices. As a Production Manager in the Original Programming & Production Department at European HBO she collaborated on establishing the overall editorial/creative direction for a number of large-scale TV programmes. For the past 4 years Bara has been involved with the energy infrastructure companies Electrina and Europagrid in the Business Development department. Since 2019 she is Co-Chair of WG Energy at INATBA.

Terezie Holesinska


Terezie has had a 7+ year career in media and TV. She was responsible for creating new TV channels for FTV Prima. As a Program Manager at HBO Europe, she bore the responsibility of scheduling TV programs for the Polish market. She has also successfully established her own company that invites movie and TV stars to Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic and organises events and cons for their fans. For the past 4 years Terezie has been involved with the energy infrastructure companies Electrina and Europagrid in the Business Development department.

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